No.  The pinout of the TS2068 edge connector is different to that of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and damage will occur to your TS2068 if you plug it in.  (It may work via an adapter board, however, I have not tested this myself, so do so at your own risk)

Yes.  All you need to do is solder on a few components and you’re good to go.  You will need

  • 9 pin male D socket (solder cup type fits over PCB)
  • 4k7 resistor network
  • 74HC240 octal buffer
  • (Optional) 20 pin IC socket

If you have a soldered link across the “48k / +3” jumper, remove it and replace with a 3 pin header if you wish to use your ZX SpectROM joystick port on its own

This website is still in the process of being built.  Some bits are just placeholders to remind me what needs to be finished off, including lots of the FAQs.  I’m getting around to them as quick as I can.  Check back soon!

Currently, no.  Sort of.

If you have access to an EPROM burner and a blank 27C512 EPROM then I can supply the image needed for any of the games I’ve already converted.

I am in the process of developing a simple to use cheap EPROM programmer that will automate the process of converting and burning new EPROMS.  As soon as this is available, I’ll feature it on here.  Check back soon

These fall in to two broad categories – Those that aren’t available, and those that won’t work well

Although most ZX Spectrum games are freely available, the copyright holders of some games (notably Ultimate Play The Game) have not allowed their games to be distributed.  Please check on World of Spectrum to see if the game you are looking for is available for download.  If it is not, then, sorry, but I am unable to supply it.  Even if you are able to find a copy elsewhere, if WoS lists distribution as denied then I won’t make a copy of it.

Some games, whilst being available, don’t work too well in this medium.  Games with multiple parts to load in, or that rely on tapes being at certain positions don’t translate well to the ZX SpectROM.  Deus Ex Machina, for example, has narration on the tape that is needed to get the most out of the game.  Whilst these kind of games were quite novel, your enjoyment on SpectROM might be diminished.

Almost any of the thousands of 16k or 48k Spectrum game should work on the ZX SpectROM.  I have successfully tested over 30 of my favorite titles so far and am getting around to trying more.  If your favorite game isn’t listed for sale, check it is available on World of Spectrum and send me a link to it.

Note that for games that I haven’t already converted there will be a short delay before they are available.

Yes.  Remove the “48k / +3” jumper before powering on your Spectrum. The ROM is disabled, but the Kempston compatible joystick port will still work.  You can now load a game via tape or disc as normal and play by joystick.

Yes.  However, due to Amstrad dicking around with the edge connector pinout on the +2 and +3 Spectrums, there are 2 different settings.  These are changed with the link labelled “48k / +3”.  Joystick models have a jumper which can be quickly swapped over, but non-joystick models have a soldered link (48k default) which must be cut and re-soldered for a +2 or +3 Spectrum.

None of the games made for the 48k Spectrum will work because the 16k Spectrum simply hasn’t got the RAM to run them. Games made for the 16k Spectrum, however, should work. I have not been able to get hold of a 16k Spectrum to prove this however, but if you’re willing to help me test, please get in touch